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Andover is a great area to live. It’s a middle class area that is known for its exceptional homes. The homes in Andover are highly sought after so the value of your home will probably increase in the years to come. The current median price for homes in the area is $311,250. Considering the quality of the homes and the area, this is a great value.

The area has many amenities and opportunities to socialize. It’s also known for having friendly neighbors that regularly throw parties and other events. It’s an excellent place to meet a variety of people. Whether you are single, have a family, or are married, Andover is a great option. 

The homes in Andover are luxurious. They have all of the modern-day features you expect in a high-quality home, are spacious, and look fantastic. The homes have a large amount of space to store items, a large, high-quality kitchen, and huge baths that are at the height of luxury. One of the most talked about features is the brick exterior. It simply looks gorgeous. There are a wide variety of floor plans. We are confident that you will love the houses in Andover.

Many people report that they found their dream home in Andover, and it was within their budget. We highly recommend touring some homes yourself. You will see how exceptional these homes are with your own eyes.

When you move to Andover, the city of Lexington is just a short drive away. The city is always hosting great events, has excellent shopping options, and delicious food. It’s also one of the top cities in regards to finding work and the school system is renowned.  Andover has luxurious homes available for a reasonable price. 

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