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Beaumont is an exceptional neighborhood that provides the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy the joys of rural life and the excitement of city life. There simply isn’t a better location in Kentucky. 

You will love the homes in Beaumont. The area is known for custom-made homes and townhomes that are available for a reasonable price. There’s a good amount of variety in regards to floor plans and other aspects of the homes, so you will definitely find a property you love that is within your budget. The homes are modern and great-looking. Many of them include basements, extra rooms, and kitchens with pantries. Most include a big backyard (with a fence) that it perfect for hosting barbecues. Residents often step outside their home to view the stunning surrounding scenery.

The weather in Beaumont is great! It’s relatively cool in the winter (rather than cold) and pleasantly warm in the other seasons. You will be spending a lot of time outside when you live in this area. Considering the weather, it’s not surprising that Beaumont hosts numerous outdoors events. Playing sports is also a popular activity.

While the Beaumont area is enjoyable, another draw is the city of Lexington. The city is only a 15 minute drive away! At Lexington, you will find fantastic restaurants, a wide variety of stores, and fun events (such as concerts).

The schools in Beaumont are high-quality. Many parents move to Beaumont because the area is known for its premium schools. The schools are known for their rigorous curriculum, good teachers, and high test scores. It’s not surprising that many parents move to this area to start a family. It’s the perfect place to raise children.  You deserve to live in Beaumont. Every aspect of the experience is luxurious. Start your house search now!

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