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Masterson Station is a great place to live. If you don’t believe us, ask some of the locals. They will tell you how much they enjoy living here. The amenities provided in Masterson are fantastic. It’s also located close to the city of Lexington and farmland. You get the best of both worlds when you live in Masterson Station.

Masterson Station is a laid-back environment that is free of the stress of large cities. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy living without having to deal with noise and crime. Many people fall in love with this peaceful area. They enjoy the beauty and serenity of Masterson Station and love interacting with their friendly neighbors.

Just because the area is relaxing, doesn’t mean it’s boring. Head on over to the prestigious golf course, walk through a park, or simply enjoy a relaxing party with your neighbors. There’s a lot to do in the local area, and if you want access to even more fun activities, you can make the short drive into Lexington. This ideal medium between a laid-back lifestyle and the joys of city life is one of the main reasons people enjoy living in Masterson Station. You can drive into the city or enjoy the nature and scenery near your home.

If you have a family, you’d be hardpressed to find a better place to live. Masterson Station specifically caters to families. Most properties are single-family homes with big backyards and a fence. This is the perfect place to raise children. You can rest assured that they be safe and receive a high-quality education.

The average list price of a three-bedroom, 2 and ½ bathroom apartment is $155,886. We highly recommend checking out this classic, relaxing area of Kentucky. The price very reasonable considering how great Masterson Station is. 

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